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The fast flowing channel in between Komodo Island and Gili Lawa Laut is named Darat Passage and makes for some excellent drift diving.

Name Dive Site:Darat Passage
Depth: 5-40m (16-131ft)
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Darat Passage is located between the north coast of Komodo Island and Gili Lawa Laut. Currents can be strong through the passages but when conditions allow there are some nice dive sites here. Damage to coral from dynamite fishing is evident in some areas. The south passage is home to some larger species such as tuna, trevally, potato grouper and malabar grouper. Schools of snapper and fusilier are always present. Sweetlips, lionfish, butterfly fish and angelfish can also be seen. White tip reef sharks can be seen in the sand at around 30m. Patches of garden eels can also be seen in the sand. Coral includes staghorn, plate, star, lettuce and honeycomb.

The north face of the passage is a nice drift dive. The reef slopes down to around 15m before dropping away to 35m and below. Shallow areas have better fish life and turtles may be seen on the sloping reef. White tip reef sharks are occasionally seen. Like most of this bio diverse area it is worth looking closely in the sand and rubble for unusual critters. Fire gobies can be found, as can numerous shrimps and nudibranchs.

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