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One of the best and most vividly dive sites in the region of Alor Island is Kal's Dream.

Name Dive Site:Kal's Dream
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Kal's Dream - Although some recent Timor liveaboard reports suggest it is not all that it once was, this remains a wonderful and colorful site where a large number and variety of fish are all but guaranteed. A further guarantee is the low density of divers.

You make a negative entry here and fin sharply down to the sea mount around which the action takes place. Swarms of anthias flicker above the various corals as you look out for the big boys. Depending on your luck you may see schools of fusiliers, surgeons and snappers. Grey reef sharks, barracudas and rays may well also feature in what can be a physical and emotional ride.

Off the coast of Pura Island at Sharks Galore you can take a breather from the currents without compromising your fun. Not surprisingly, given the name, there is a good chance of you seeing plenty of sharks here in what is normally a still or gentle drift from your Alor dive liveaboard.

Big grey reef sharks and white tips tend to cruise around in the company of hefty dog-toothed tuna sometimes combining to make the human tourists feel very small indeed. Depending on the conditions you may finish this dive in the adjacent site known as Clown Valley.

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