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Java is formed out of volcanoes offering wicked nature trips and brilliant geologic underwater arches and lava flows.

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Java is one of the most densely populated and best cultivated regions (rice, thee and coffee) of Indonesia. Its capital Jakarta offers Indonesia's most splendid museum, built in 1862 and considered one of the best in Asia, offering everything from pots, coins, clothing and jewelry. You can also visit the old Dutch port Sunda Kelapa, its bustling market life at Pasar Ikan and the region of Old Batavia with its traditional Dutch architecture. The inland mountain range of Java is formed because of a series of active and smoking volcanoes. The highest volcano is Mount Semeru at 3676 meter, while Mount Merapi or Fire Mountain at 2968 meter is the most active one. Other volcanoes well worth a visit are Mahameru (Semeru) and Mount Bromo.

A world famous highlight of Indonesia is the Borobudur, a huge Buddhist temple complex built around the year 800 AD. You will find hordes of tourists that all want to visit these shrines or stupas which are built around the foot of a small hill. Archeologist will love Sangiran where the prehistoric Java Man (Pithecanthropus erectus) was found together with other fossils. Culture and Javanese arts can also be experienced in Yogyakarta (Yogya) and Surakarta (Solo), where you can shop for some good piece of silver, visit Prambanan Hindu Temple or enjoy strolling around the Sultan's Palace. For a mixture of native Sundanese culture, locals and a cooler climate, you should visit Bandung, the largest city in the west. You will see the botanical gardens of Bogor (Kebun Raya), many green tea plantages and the wonderfull Puncak Pass with all its vistas, while traveling to this beautiful highland town. For naturalists, Java has Alas Purwo National Park, where you can spot dense tropical rainforest, fauna such as rhinoceros and the Rafflesia Arnoldi, world's largest flower. Looking for some beaches, cocktails and swimming, you should visit Pangandaran, Anyer, Carita or Pelabuhan Ratu which are some of the better beach resorts, especially popular by locals.

There are some excellent diving spots to be found around Java. The volcanic island Krakatau and its three neighbors are mostly known for its spectacular lava flows, weird shaped arches and black swimmthroughs of volcanic rocks. The peninsula Ujung Kulon National Park is covered in dense tropical forest but also one of the prime surfing and diving destinations. Karimunjawa and Pulau Seribu are two island chains north of Java, well known for its wicked marine life, healthy coral reefs and excellent dive sites.

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Java Sea Charters
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Java Sea Charters organises live aboard trips in the Sunda Straits. Our top destinations are Krakatau (currently erupting!), Perth & Houston wrecks, and Ujung Kulon National Park.

Diving around Krakatau and the Sunda Straits is a unique experience. Our destinations are highly exclusive and we guarantee no other divers around. Our on board PADI certified Dive Instructor will be your knowledgeable guide.For non-divers snorkelling, wakeboarding, fishing, untouched beaches and hiking can all be arranged, topped off with our unmatched food, making charters ideal for families with varied interests. We do all-in trips or custom made charters.

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