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Once you are in Blongas Bay, you most likely want to dive the advanced dive site the Magnet.

Name Dive Site:Magnet
Depth: 5-60m (16-196ft)
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For the best diving inside Blongas Bay, we should recommend dive site the Magnet. It is a large pinnacle rising from a depth of sixty meters to within the surface. Since this coral head is out in the open ocean, it is diving with huge pelagic, strong currents and enormous surge. You are most likely to be dropped at the northern end of the rock where you can safely zigzag down. At some days you can dive at the south side which often experiences the fiercest currents. Marine life often spotted here by divers are various types of sharks, mobular rays, tuna, mackerel and barracudas.

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We're the only Lombok dive center offerning scuba diving at 3 unique and pristine South Lombok locations! In South Lombok every scuba diver can find his favorite scuba adventure. South Lombok is a highlight for every scuba diver with dive sites for all levels of diving!

South Lombok is uncommon amongst the other dive locations around Lombok. Here one still finds diving as a distinct experience and exclusive dive sites with the chance to explore undiscovered waters. These new dive sites offer even the well-traveled and experienced diver a surprising and breathtaking experience. A unique underwater experience and a highlight for photographers! More info... Our dive sites await you with pristine reefs and an abundance of marine diversity. From relaxed reef diving in Sekotong, to exciting and challenging diving in Belongas Bay, in South Lombok every diver can find his favorite dive adventure. South Lombok is a highlight for every Scuba Diver and offers dive sites for all levels of experience!

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