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A fantastic scuba diving destination is Indonesia with an abundance of dive sites, coral reefs and tropical fish.

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Castle Rock:
Castle Rock is a nice steep and deep rock with fish all around you.
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Katini is diving at a nice slope completely covered in hard corals.
- Goa-goa
- Lost Anchor

The islands of Indonesia such as Java, Bali, Lombok and Flores are known to almost all tourists and scuba divers in the world. Diving in the province Kalimantan is mostly done in the northeast where several brilliant and sheltered islands have formed a wicked underwater world. The islands Kakaban, Maratua, Samama, Derawan and Sangalaki are known throughout the world for its rich marine life and phenomenal dive sites. Sulawesi is the coral triangle in the world with well known regions such as Bunaken, Manado, Bangka and Lembeh Strait. Pulau Weh (Sumatra) is well known since the disastrous tsunami of 2005 and slowly diving tourism is recovering. Less world renowned areas in Sulawesi (Togian Islands, Wakatobi, Selayar, Takabonerate, Sangige, Siau and Banggai), Raja Ampat and Alor are on a list of becoming prime diving tourist paradises. Even Irian Jaya, Banda Islands, Ambon and parts of Malaku are now travelled. Liveaboards to Komodo, known for the famous Komodo dragons, and beyond are excellent feel good, money well spent trips. Some of the more interesting species you can find diving and snorkeling in Indonesia are whale sharks, manta rays, mandarin fish, oceanic sunfish and a living fossil named Coelacanth.

Indonesia is one of the world's largest countries, centering on the equator with over fifteen thousand islands and even more kilometers of shoreline. Its warm oceanic waters and strong currents such as the Indonesian Throughflow provide for extremely healthy waters, making it home to more than 70 percent of all known coral reef species in tropical waters on a stunning 20 percent of all coral reefs in the world. It is known as one of the prime diving destinations for underwater photographers and videographers, mainly because of the infinity of critter life but also for the unknown. You never know what you find while muck diving in Indonesia; you might even discover a whole new subspecies. One of the other attractions is its geological underwater landscape formed by the many volcanoes that make up Indonesia. At the edge of the Pacific Rim right in the middle of the Ring of Fire, many islands are formed by volcanic activity. You can visit spectacular lava flows, caverns, huge arches, caves and great black volcanic rocks. And since it has been heavily fought about and being on the end of the spice route you will find many wrecks, from simple rowing boats to huge freighters and WWII warships such as the Liberty wreck.

Indonesia has a rich history and was occupied by the Dutch (Netherlands East Indies) since the late sixteenth century. Strongholds in Indonesia were of vital importance since it was the profitable spice trade between Asia and Europe that made this region well known. World War Two was not a good time to be in Indonesia as many battles between the Japanese and the west have been fought. It has mainly been a mixture of Muslim, Buddhists and Hindus but also many minority tribes such as the Sasaks are still influencing daily life. Handicrafts, museums, dance, dining, rainforest, flora, fauna and spicy food all together will give you one of the best holidays ever.