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Blue Light Cave is a deep cave with a narrow chimney, huge chamber and narrow crack as exit point.

Name Dive Site:Blue Light Cave
Depth: 2-65m (6-213ft)
Visibility: 5-25m (16-82ft)
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Blue Light Cave is one of Indonesia's deepest and most fascinating cave dives dived by experienced divers only. You can enter the cave through a crack in the wall at only two meters deep. There you will find a long narrow chimney or vertical shaft that opens up in a huge cavern at twenty meters deep. From here you can swim beneath the top of the cavern for over one hundred meters until you find a long narrow crack at 42 meter deep where you can exit the cave. The name Blue Light is coming from the ocean's beautiful blue light that enters the cave here.

There are other exits, one at thirty meters deep and one at sixty meter deep, but these are not often used and should only be tried by trained cave divers. Once you are out of the cave you can finish your dive along the brilliant and steep wall, diving shallower and shallow and therefore returning to the boat by using a natural safety stop.

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Name: indonesia_liveaboards

The Blue Light Cave dive starts on the top of the wall at 2m with a descent down a narrow funnel to 20m where it opens up into a large cavern with a bottom at 30m. Divers exit the cave on the wall at 45 metres or deeper at 65m. This is a dive only suitable for experienced divers.

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