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Diving in Maratua can be as simple as shallow muck diving or among high currents and some of the fiercest predators in the sea.

Name Dive Site:Maratua
Depth: 5-30m (16-98ft)
Visibility: 5-25m (16-82ft)
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Pulau Maratua is a four kilometer long island next to Kakaban and only an hour away from Sangalaki. Many speedboats transport you from Berau (Tanjung Redep) to Nabucco Island, a small inhabited island inside Maratua's inner lagoon. This lagoon is surrounded by shallow coral reefs in the south while its northern border consists out of land and lies above sea level.

In the east you can find a narrow fast flowing channel that brings you with an incredible drift dive right into the lagoon. You can find many huge pelagic species such as tuna, trevalley, mackerell, yellowtile barracudas and spotted eagle rays. Shark species such as leopard, grey reef and whitetip reef sharks are regular visitors. Thousands of chevron barracuda's patrol the excellent coral walls. Manta rays and hammerhead sharks have also been spotted. The best diving sites are those near the mouth of the channel at an incoming or slack tide. The lagoon offers completely different diving as it is one of the best muck diving destinations. Catfish, eels, frogfish and pipefish make excellent photo opportunities.

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