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A list of the best rated dive photos in Indonesia.

Batu Mandi, Tanjung Pulisan

Rated 5.0, 11 votes

Tanjung Pulisan is a nice and relaxing dive site to enjoy scuba diving, fish and colorful coral formations.


Rated 5.0, 4 votes

Simon's Reef

Rated 5.0, 3 votes

Simon's Reef is often mentioned as the dive to see sea horses but other fish are plentiful as well.

Meno Slope

Rated 5.0, 3 votes

Meno Slope is a Gili destination great for photographing macro species and close-ups.

Northern Sulawesi Shore

Rated 5.0, 2 votes

This is a nice, sometimes rough, paradise muck diving site around the north shore of Sulawesi.

Shark Point

Rated 5.0, 2 votes

Different types of sharks are the main reason to dive this deep wall drop-off.

Caves and Overhangs

Rated 5.0, 2 votes

Critters, muck diving, caves and huge predators hiding inside them gives diving Caves and Overhangs its glory.

Rote Island

Rated 5.0, 2 votes

Rote Island is a relatively unexplored scuba diving paradise that offers stunning reefs and plenty of aquatic life.

Pasi Island

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Pasi Island

Reef Rezky

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Selayar East Reef Rezky