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Jan-Oliver Luhn
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Simon's Reef is often mentioned as the dive to see sea horses but other fish are plentiful as well.

Name Dive Site:Simon's Reef
Depth: 15-35m (49-114ft)
Inserted/Added by: manta_dive_gili_air

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Simon's Reef is another of the deeper dive sites suitable for advanced divers and above only. The depth again brings with it some of the best corals to be seen around the Gilis. Simons has a great variety of marine life, as so all our dive sites, but is one of the best chances to see the elusive Pygmy Sea Horses that camouflage so well in the gorgonian corals. The dive site has many interesting natural overhangs and formation, and in-between has sandy areas where Rays often rest, or hide for hunting.


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