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Jan-Oliver Luhn
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Just of the famous hot spring beach near Biangabang village is a relaxing dive site named Twilight Zone.

Name Dive Site:Twilight Zone
Accessibility: Shore
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The Twilight Zone is just off the beach outside Biangabang village on Pantar Island. The steaming hot springs on the beach might make you think that the water here is warm but don't be fooled, it can get pretty chilly here. The dive starts by a lava flow to the south of the beach and divers can choose to dive further south over the reef or to hunt around to the north in the volcanic black sand. You can drop down to 40 meters or below but most life is found shallower. This is a dive site for critters and the name alludes to the amount of weird and unusual creatures that the eagle-eyed can spot here. Snake eels stick their heads out of their holes and spearing mantis shrimps peer up at divers, focusing their independently movable stalked eyes. These nocturnal creatures are rarely seen out of their holes in day light but lucky divers may see them hunting aggressively at night.

Pegasus seamoths are hard to find in the rubble areas. Octopuses are all over the coral mounds including the much sought after mimic. Bobbit worms and gurnard lionfish inhabit the sand while the rare soapfish inhabit the reef areas. Also on the reef are Spanish dancers who can be seen performing their incredible dance on night dives. This is also one of the few places in the world where the Djibouti Giant has been seen. Like a Spanish dancer on steroids, this huge nudibranch is very rarely seen.

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Name: indonesia_liveaboards

Dive site the Twilight Zone is another amazing black sand shore dive just off the beach at Biangabang Village, Pantar Island. Lava flows and underwater hot springs make for very nutrient rich waters as can be seen by all the bioluminescence during night dives. Keen muck divers could spend a week at this beach alone, exploring it from deep to shallow. Swimming close to the seabed will unearth all manner of weird life including bobbit worms, snake eels, mimic octopus, Spanish dancers, Pegasus sea moths, spearing mantis shrimps and gurnard lionfish.

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