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GPS Point is a submerged pinnacle named because it is so difficult finding this diving site.

Name Dive Site:GPS Point
Depth: 5-40m (16-131ft)
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GPS Point is named because you need GPS to find it. It's a submerged pinnacle to the north of Gili Banta that starts at 5m below the surface and drops down to below 40m. Currents can be very strong here and care is needed to time the dive when currents are less fierce. It is usually necessary to do a negative entry and descend quickly before being blown away from the dive site. At depth, with the protection of the rock to shelter from the current, divers can relax and enjoy the scenery. Deep water upwellings also bring cool water.

The strong currents and cool water are of course what attracts some of the larger species that divers love to see. Large schools of dog tooth tuna, trevally, Spanish mackerel and barracuda can normally be seen in shallow water. Deeper down it's possible to see white tip reef sharks, black tips, grey reef sharks, nurse sharks and occasionally even hammerhead sharks. Napoleon wrasse can also be seen by lucky divers but the sharks and wrasse are nowhere near as common as they once were thanks to overfishing.

Other schooling fish includes snapper, fusilier and surgeonfish. Moray eels, lionfish, scorpion fish are also prolific. Soft coral coverage is excellent. Damage to hard coral from dynamite fishing is in evidence. Visibility can be 30m but can drop below 10m when plankton fills the water.

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