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Jan-Oliver Luhn
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Three 25 meter tall pinnacles at less than five meters apart from eachother offer some spectacular diving.

Name Dive Site:Three Sisters
Depth: 3-30m (9-98ft)
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Three Sisters consist of three quite large submerged pinnacles within easy swimming distance of each other at about 10 meters apart. They are about five meters below the surface, making them a bit hard to find, and bottoms out at about maximum 30 meters onto rubble and sand. The rocks run to the East in line at about 100 meters from a small reef that sticks out on the Eastern side of an island. It is not too affected by current and can usually be dived. If you are adventurous, there is actually a fourth sister located further to the West that starts at about 20 meters deep and drops down to 40 metres with some impressive fans and good marine life on it. The walls of the pinnacles are covered in soft corals, Tubastrea, and Crinoids. The tops of the pinnacles offer stunning hard and soft coral gardens and make for a great safety stop!

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