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Flores is increasing in popularity and often used by travelers as a stopover on their way to Alor or Komodo.

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Flores is becoming a very popular island where tourism is increasing and tours are booked easier and easier. It is not primarily known as a diving destination although its warm waters of the Flores Sea and many coral reefs offer plenty of locations. Most diving is done at Maumere Bay's offshore islands Pulau Besar, Dambilah, Pangabatang and Pulau Babi. These sheltered waters are especially famous for muck diving, spotting critters such as colorful nudibranches, ghost pipefish, mimic octopuses, slugs and flamboyant cuttlefish. Other dive areas are the secluded but pristine diving in the area of Labuhan Bajo (Labuan Bajo) and Seraya Island, west of Flores, near Rinca Island and Komodo Island. There are many unexplored regions near Adonara and Lembata Island (Lomblen Island) on the way to Alor.

A well known tour is exploring the three colored lakes near the summit of volcano Kelimutu (Keli Mutu) in central Flores or visiting Riung National Park. Its dense mountainous landscape offer ample opportunities for hiking, rainforest walks and bird watching trips. Much of Flores has yet to be discovered and is still sheltered from the modern world. It is an area for exploration divers, best for those with own transport and equipment, but novice and intermediate divers can do some great diving in the resort areas.

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- Sea World Club Beach & Dive Resort, Waiara - Flores Island, Maumere

Sea World Club Beach & Dive Resort

Sea World Club Beach & Dive Re...
 Waiara - Flores Island


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