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Maumere Bay is a popular tourist destination devastated by the 1992 tsunami but slowly recovering.

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Maumere Bay was a very popular dive destination until Dec 12, 1992 when an earthquake started a tsunami which killed thousands of people and destroyed its complete infra structure. All islands in Maumere Flores were hit. The larger islands include the volcanic cone Pulau Besar, Pangabatang and Dambilah. They form a barrier between the wild ocean outside and the calmer Maumere Bay. Other islands are Pamana Besar, Pamana Kecil, Pasir Sari Atoll, Permaan and Pulau Babi all offering pretty dive sites around their bases. There are also some spectacular wrecks around the main shore near Maumere Town, Wailiti, Geliting, Wodong and Watu Mita.

Maumere Bay is surrounded by volcanoes and other mountains, offering many interesting hikes and outdoor activities. A climb to the three different crater lakes of Mount Kelimutu, in between Maumere and Ende, is strongly recommended. Other highlights include visits to shops that sell the famous Ikat cloth and fabrics.

After the 1992 tsunami, many of its former glitter and glamour was gone; many parts of coral reefs had broken and the fish searched for other regions nearby. Still, this beautiful and rich underwater world has recovered quickly and nowadays diving is excellent. Muck divers will love it here with excellent chances of diving with nudibranchs, mimic octopuses and frogfish. Whalesharks (apr-may), sperm whales (nov-dec) and manta rays enjoy the calm nutrient waters of Maumere. It was and still is an excellent place to go diving and snorkeling.

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