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Castle Rock:
Castle Rock is a nice steep and deep rock with fish all around you.


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A list of the best rated scuba dive sites in Indonesia.

USAT Liberty

Rated 4.9, 9 votes

This 120 meter long wreck, the USAT Liberty (often misnamed as USS Liberty) was working as a cargo ship during World War II, when a torpedo from a Japanese submarine hit it. They tried to get the wreck to Singaraja near the north coast of Bali, but she got too much water. Instead, they towed her to Tulamben where she sat for more than twenty years. Then, in 1963, the volcano Mount Agung erupted and the earthquakes broke the Liberty at bow and stern. This caused the wreck to slid further down the...


Rated 5.0, 3 votes

It is difficult to divide the sea around Selayar into single dive sites as the whole coast can be considered as one huge dive site. The reefs that surround the east side of Selayar are mostly steep walls that are full of overhangs and small caves. Slopes and an underwater mountain are not far from the resort. Even before the naval marine park was founded, the unique richness of the fish in Selayar was extraordinary. Since the reefs were put under protection in 2000, there has been breathtaking g...

Caves and Overhangs

Rated 5.0, 2 votes

After 5 minutes by boat, a wall that slopes on a length of 45 metres, with caves and overhangs can be found. This is an ideal place to discover snails, crabs and a great variety of gorgonian fans and other soft corals. There are ideal subjects for both wide-angle photography and macro photography. 'Caves and Overhangs' is the home of pygmy seahorses (also pygmy seahorse 'Denise', the smallest and last to be discovered in the family). The current flows slightly northwards most of ...

Shinwa Maru

Rated 5.0, 2 votes

The Shinwa Maru (Friendly Spirit) wreck was a Japanese WWII cargo ship. This impressive 120 meter long vessel now lies on her port side in 16-34 meters of water. There are two big bomb blast holes in the starboard side. Mine sweeping equipment, car batteries, ammunition, cables and sake bottles, kitchen equipment and chop sticks are some of the artifacts strewn over the wreck. There are also two diving helmets. The wreck is home to schools of jacks as well as impressive macro life. ...

Jellyfish Lake

Rated 5.0, 2 votes

Jellyfish Lake is a great natural wonder. It is a huge lake in the center of the island filled with brackish water and mangroves. It is probably formed when Kakaban was lifted because of geological forces, turning the present lagoon into a landlocked lake. The lake started to create its own environment influenced by the salt water present and the sweet water coming from the rain. The murky muddy bottom is filled with green algae and the roots of the mangroves provide a healthy habitat for many s...

Gunung Api

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Gunung Api is a small volcanic island located to the west of Banda Neira and is another must dive in the Banda Sea. When the volcano last erupted in 1988, lava flows destroyed the reef but since then the regeneration of the hard coral reef on top of the solid lava platform has been phenomenal, amazing scientists with the speed of growth. Huge fields of table corals and cabbage leaf corals are packed together with other hard coral species filling every available space. Large schools of fish cove...

Karang Hatta

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Karang Hatta is a coral atoll off the south coast of Hatta Island; to many a dive not to be missed. The reef here starts shallow but slopes down beyond 40m. There is no need to go deep to see the fish though as the entire reef is full of schools of fish so thick you will not be able to see the way ahead. Shoals of fusiliers, snappers and surgeonfish seem to block your path, only to part as you swim through and close ranks again behind you. It is possible to see blacktip reef sharks, swimming al...

Babi Island

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

The drop off that runs parallel to the beach at Babi Island shows no signs of the 1992 tsunami that completely engulfed by the island and took over 1000 lives. The wall drops down to 50m and is covered with pristine soft corals and large gorgonian sea fans. Currents can be strong, making this a drift dive but when possible it's worth stopping and exploring every sea fan and coral crevice because the reef life is prolific. Frogfish and leaffish can be seen as can seahorse and ghost pipefish. ...

Traffic Jam

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Traffic Jam is another very fishy wall dive. Healthy soft and hard corals plus sponges and sea fans are home to masses of juvenile fish as well as nudibranches and crustaceans. This is a good place to spot the tiny Coleman's coral shrimp. ...

Canibal Rock

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Located in Horseshoe Bay between Rinca Island and Nusa Kode, Cannibal Rock is a pinnacle dive site that is always a favorite on a Komodo liveaboard trip itinerary. The tip of the pinnacle starts at just below the water surface and descends down below 35m on the south side. The coral and fish life on this dive site is abundant and colorful. Purple and red sea apples with stripes of golden spots are pretty when closed and beautiful when open and filter feeding with their yellow tentacles. Blue ane...