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Canibal Rock is a great dive site inside Horseshoe Bay with a wide variety of marine life and very pretty corals.

Name Dive Site:Canibal Rock
Depth: 2-35m (6-114ft)
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Located in Horseshoe Bay between Rinca Island and Nusa Kode, Cannibal Rock is a pinnacle dive site that is always a favorite on a Komodo liveaboard trip itinerary. The tip of the pinnacle starts at just below the water surface and descends down below 35m on the south side. The coral and fish life on this dive site is abundant and colorful. Purple and red sea apples with stripes of golden spots are pretty when closed and beautiful when open and filter feeding with their yellow tentacles. Blue anemones and huge gorgonian fans add more color and are constantly moving in the current, which can be very strong at times. Sea whips, sponges and crinoids are all crammed in with the soft corals and are host to a myriad of smaller reef fish like damsels and anthias as well as shrimps, hermit crabs and nudibranchs.

Schools of fish include fusiliers and sweetlips, including Yellow Ribbon Sweetlips which are endemic to Komodo. Groupers and parrotfish are also numerous. Moray eels including giant moray and honeycomb moray can be seen. Green turtles are also resident here. Reef sharks can be seen patrolling deeper parts of Cannibal Rock. Trevally hunt bait fish in packs. Black blotched sting rays are also seen in deeper areas. Pygmy seahorses can be found in the gorgonian sea fans. Also look out for long nosed hawk fish.

Cannibal Rock can be dived year round although surface conditions can be choppy from July to August. Currents can be strong at times but this site is more protected than other Komodo dive sites. North of Cannibal Rock is a patch reef called Topedo Point because of all the torpedo rays that are found on the bottom here. It is also a great dive site for macro life such as frogfish, leaf scorpionfish, and pipefish. Pods of dolphins are often seen on the surface in the bay between dives and it may be possible to snorkel with them. Horseshoe bay is a wonderful place to anchor and watch the Komodo Dragons scavenging on the beach nearby.

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