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Jan-Oliver Luhn
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Crinoid Canyon is a nice dive site inside a small cove filled with invertebrate life.

Name Dive Site:Crinoid Canyon
Depth: 5-25m (16-82ft)
Inserted/Added by: indonesia_liveaboards

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Crinoid Canyon, or Crinoid Corner is located on Nusa Kode at the entrance to Horseshoe Bay and is an excellent morning dive when the sunlight catches the wall to best display its colors. The colorful crinoids, soft corals and sponges make for a very colorful wall dive. This is a dive site for seeing all manner of small critters like shrimps, crabs, gobies, cowries and nudibranchs. Moray eels are also plentiful on the wall. Maximum depth is 25m and currents are usually weak making this a dive suitable for all levels of diver. Visibility ranges from just 5m up to 20m.

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Name: komodo_dive_center

Criynoid corner is a good dive to do early in the morning as it catch the morning sun. It is located in a small cove just outside the southern entrance to Loh Dasami on the island of Nusa Kode, almost directly opposite Invertebrate Wall. Entry point is just south of the cove then swim along the wall with the reef at your left. It's usually best to start at about 25 m then work your way back and forth up the wall to the surface. A lot of small invertebrate life can be found here and the wall is very colorful. It's a nice easy dive with no current.

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