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Yellow Wall of Texas is one of the most popular wall dives east of Nusa Kode, Rinca Island.

Name Dive Site:Yellow Wall of Texas
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Yellow Wall of Texas is a wall dive on the east coast of Nusa Kode to the south of Rinca Island. The colorful wall drops down below 30m and is covered with soft corals and seafans. It is not necessary to dive deep here as the shallow areas are the most colorful. Visibility is usually around 20m and although currents can be strong, this dive is normally a gentle drift with time to stop and explore for smaller critters such as pygmy seahorse, frogfish and long nosed hawkfish. Spanish Dancer are just one of the amazing sights on a night dive at the Yellow Wall.

White tip reef sharks are occasionally seen in deeper water although they are less common than they once were. Green turtles are often seen feeding on the wall. Moray eels can be found poking out of coral crevices. Schools of fish include snapper and fusilier. Butterflyfish and sweetlips are numerous. A good guide will be able to point out hundreds of nudibranch and crustaceans. In deeper waters you may be able to find a purple fire goby.

Yellow Wall of Texas is usually dived in the afternoon when the light hits the wall at the best angle. It also makes a superb night dive when the wall seems even more alive with crustaceans and free swimming morays plus parrotfish cocooned in the coral. Spanish Dancers may also be seen here.

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