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Tepekong Island is another nice island surrounded with excellent reefs, sharks and other big fish.

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Tepekong Island is one of the most reliable dive sites in Bali to see sharks. This island is surrounded by remarkably healthy reefs, but they are generally low-lying due to the - at times, torrential - current that sweeps East Bali. This current brings nutrients to these reef and accounts for their diversity. So, Tepekong Island offers some of the most spectacular diving in Bali: steep walls, drifting with the current while you can see sharks, moray eels, rays and many pelagic. Visibility is usually very good. If conditions are not suitable, there are other good sites in the vicinity.

Tepekong is known for having big fish and amazing canyons. Again these sites are only for more experienced divers. Tepekong's marine life is excellent with the occasional turtle, tuna, parrotfish, barracuda, Angelfish, scorpionfish, butterflyfish, sweetlips and many kinds of Triggerfish. Conditions are generally easier here than at The Canyon but you can still expect to encounter surge and sometimes strong down currents. On the gentle slope north-east of Tepekong is a small, shallow ten meter semi-protected, rocky reef with bommies.

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- DDA (Diverad-Diving-Adventures), Popies Lane I, Bali/Kuta

DDA (Diverad-Diving-Adventures)

Diving on Bali
(+62) 03618241175
 Popies Lane I

We are the most modern diveresort of Bali. With us all divers get a divecomputer and a digital underwatercamera to bring on the dives without extra payment. After the dives we burn allof your photos/videos on a DVD for free.


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