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Kakaban Island is a great coral atoll with steep drift wall diving and a landlocked lake famous for its many non stinging jellyfish.

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One of the more spectacular places to dive is Kakaban, uninhabited, declared a government nature reserve and reached at only twenty minutes from Sangalaki, Kalimantan. It is surrounded with steep walls, some excellent caves and brilliant coral formations. You will find many reef fish, colorful hard and soft corals and barrel sponges. The currents can be strong with unpredictable upwellings, downcurrents and changing directions which make is great for predators patrolling and hunting for smaller fish.

Kakaban's interior consists of a huge landlocked lake that was formed because of geologic forces and nowadays provides a strange habitat since the water is half salt, half fresh. The lake is over five square kilometers large, sits slightly above sea level and is separated from the ocean by a narrow fifty meter wide ridge. These sheer limestone cliffs are overgrown in dense jungle all the way down to the waterline offering not many places for beaches and shallow reefs to form. It is an excellent place to dive and snorkel since you can find several types of non stinging jelly fish. There are also mangroves that promise sights of file snakes, gobies, seaweed, cardinal fish and algae. The lake has evolved in an ecosystem totally unique for brackish water environments and is therefore a biological paradise for researchers.

Divers will be entertained as it is one of the few places in the world where you can do two completely different types of dives on the same day.

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