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Fishomania or the Pinnacle is diving with lots of fish and splendid coral formations.

Name Dive Site:Fishomania, Pinnacle
Depth: 4-25m (13-82ft)
Inserted/Added by: wallacea_dive_cruise

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Fishomania often also called the Pinnacle has a top at four meter deep, often the place where high densities of fishes aggregate. We generally spend a few minutes hanging on some rocks in the current, looking at the hypnotic ballet that forms schools of fusiliers, surgeon fishes, snappers, jack fishes and so many others. The outside part of the pinnacle forms a splendid wall covered by dense coral formations of all shapes and colors, associated with sponges of uncommon size and shape. Turtles and Napoleons are usually spotted, as well as eagle rays and white tips sharks.

Una-Una is a volcanic island in the North of the Togian group. The volcano's last eruption was in 1984, and since then human settlements are theoretically forbidden on the islands. In fact, a few inhabitants stay there, taking care of the numerous coconut trees on the lower part of the island, the upper part being covered by dense tropical forest.

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