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Photographers will love Police Pier as it is one of the best muck diving destinations in Lembeh.

Name Dive Site:Police Pier 1, 2
Depth: 3-25m (9-82ft)
Inserted/Added by: black_sand_dive

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At Police Pier 1 and 2, photographers keep complaining that the biggest danger on these sites is running out of film. This is a rubble slope with small coral outcroppings, leveling out into a sand flat with rope sponge gardens. Banggai cardinal fish, barramundi, orange Antennarius picta frogfish, various nudibranch species and overall variety are the attractions here. This is also a truly excellent night dive spot. The scenery isn't pristine: there's plenty of trash in the water, but it has always been that way owing to the traffic at the Water Police jetty that the site is named after.

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- Gecko Dive Center, Liang Beach, Bunaken

Gecko Dive Center

Gecko Dive Center
 Liang Beach

Gecko Dive Center is located at Happy Gecko resort on Liang Beach bunaken,A cozy resort with 5 bungalows and great view,we dive in small groups and with personal attention. Join the pioneers of Bunaken island.


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