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Diving Teluk Tembahu 1, 2, 3 offers sights of critters at all places you look in shallow and deeper waters.

Name Dive Site:Teluk Tembahu 1, 2, 3
Depth: 2-25m (6-82ft)
Inserted/Added by: black_sand_dive

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TK1 or Teluk Tembahu 1 is a sheltered site right in front of the resort and the entire area offers a wide variety of critters in shallow, easy conditions. There are low coral patches below 12 meters and small bommies in the shallows separated by a sand slope. There are usually giant frogfish in residence on the coral patches. Stargazers are often encountered, even in the daytime. It is a productive octopus-hunting area and is also the best place in the strait to see a variety of waspfish, spot the Banggai Cardinalfish and the malevolent Inimicus devilfish in various color patterns.

Teluk Tembahu 2 (TK2) is a continuation of the same terrain and critters as TK1. Some of the dive sites in Lembeh can be hot one month and seem empty the next, but on these two sites there is always happy hunting with plenty to see. This is prime Rhinopias frondosa territory as well, with yellow, brown and purple specimens in residence for months at a time in recent years.

Teluk Tembahu 3 or TK3 is a featureless gradual sand slope that is probably the best location in the strait for the sought-after mimic octopus as well hosting a wide variety of other octopus species including the fabled bluering. I have had two experiences at TK3 where we found eleven octopuses from five different species on a single jump! This is also the best site for the rare Ambon scorpionfish, which is the closest relative to the famous Rhinopias. The area can seem empty, but though there isn't the density of critters of neighboring sites, it remains a favorite of many.

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