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Jan-Oliver Luhn
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In between Lembogan and Nusa Penida we can dive Toyapakeh, a strong and rich current drift dive.

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The most popular dive site Toyapakeh is located in the north-west of Nusa Penida. Actually the site breaks into two with Toyapakeh Wall and Toyapakeh. Both sites are encrusted with corals and have an enormous amount of fish. Large pelagics are often seen here just lurking in the blue.

Toyapakeh is a lovely reef of beautiful soft corals and thriving hard corals, which gives us clouds of reef-fish including anthias, Scorpionfish, Moray Eel, trumpetfish, puffers and Giant Trevally. This popularity is deserved and not only because it is partially protected from the current flowing through the strait between Penida and Ceningan, but also due to the good visibility and rich coral. In addition to the coral reef, there are some very attractive coral formations, with big gorgonians, that provide excellent places to find fish and other marine life.

The current here often heads north-east, which makes for an easy and pleasant drift-dive however the current in shallow water and the current in deeper water are sometimes going in different directions, therefore the direction of your dive can change as you alter your depth. The water can be pretty cold which means thermoclines.

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