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The Kai Islands is one of Indonesia's unexplored dive frontiers.

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Best dive-season / How to get there: By plane from Ambon Islands to Kai Kecil, then by boat to Kai Besar.

Located in the south-east of Maluku province, the Kai Islands (Kei Islands) is a scuba dive destination with a lot of potential. Locals call it NunuEvav, Tanat Evav or Evav Islands, referring to the set of beautiful islands in this remote area at the edge of the Banda Sea. Pulau Kai Besar (NuhuYuut or Nuhu Cut), with main town Elat, is the largest of the group, mountainous, surrounded in pristine white beaches and densely forested. The main town Tual on Kai Besar's little sister Kai Kecil (NuhaRoa) has an airport (Langgur Airport) and is where most tourist reside. Rodhea guesthouse is an alltime favorite. One of the most popular beaches is called Ngurbloat Beach in the west of Kai Kecil offering miles and miles of the whitest sand you have ever seen, bordered by coconut trees and the pretty azul colored sea with marine life and coral formation you could never imagine. Other unexplored islands are Kai Dulah, Dulah Laut, Kur Island and Taam.

Is is a remote place where tourism hasn't fully developed yet. Nearby island groups such as the Tanimbas Islands, Tayandu Islands and Aru Islands can offer similar dive experiences. It is scuba diving at its best, remote, unexplored, surprising and thrilling making it a superb vacation.


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