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The smaller islets just southeast of liveaboard destination Misool Island are a favorite amongst muck and coral divers.

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Misool Island (Missool Island) is one of the larger islands in the Doberai Peninsula (Birds Head) of the Raya Ampat Islands located in between Maluku and Irian Jaya Barat. Waigama, Lelintah and Adua are the main settlement on the island; the rest is sparsely populated by Papuans. Although there are hundreds of islands and islets in the area, the most popular dive sites are located at one of the two southeasters chain of islands. The southern ones include Pelee, Kalig, Yiliet, Gelu, Boo, Batbitim, Warakaraket, while the more northern islands are Wagmab, Farondi, Efpian and Daram. The rolling green hills make this a destination so pretty that it is hard to believe.

As with many other locations in Irian Jaya, Misool Island is undiscovered, remote, easiest accessible through live-aboard and the underwater world is in one word spectacular. You can dive the coral adorned walls, dark caves or shallow blue water mangroves constantly surrounded by shoals of fish. Large predators such as epaulet sharks and barracuda, but also small species are uncountable. Ghost pipefish, Pygmy seahorses, harlequin shrimp, mandarin fish are just a few of the species you can expect to find. It is one of the world's last frontiers of scuba diving.

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