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At AW Shucks, a continuing sandy patch reef, you can hope to find pearls from the nearby pearl farm.

Name Dive Site:AW Shucks
Depth: 5-28m (16-91ft)
Accessibility: Boat
Inserted/Added by: black_sand_dive

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Next to a pearl farm, the dive site AW Shucks has a verdant mix of coral and sponge growth in the shallows with a sand slope below along with a large section of weed / rubble. The shallows offer such finds as leaf scorpionfish, cuttlefish and a good nudibranch selection, with the sand slope often hosting popular critters such as hairy frogfish, flamboyant cuttlefish, sea horses, ghost pipefish, sea moths and sand octopus such as mimic and wonderpus species.

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