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The Bimoli Wreck named after a nearby factory was a Japanese WW2 ammunition ship that sank by torpedoes.

Name Dive Site:Bimoli Wreck
Depth: 12-32m (39-104ft)
Inserted/Added by: black_sand_dive

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Bimoli Wreck is a Japanese World War 2 wreck lying in front of what is now the Bimoli cooking oil factory. It was at anchor carrying munitions when it was blown up by torpedoes launched by an attacking US submarine (the USS Swordfish), causing the munitions to blow the aft end completely apart, which now is a pile of plating on the deep end of the wreck, a testimonial to the power of the explosion.

The ship lies leaning to one side with the bottom at 32 meters and the highest point on the wreck about 12 meters in depth. Schools of large barracuda can be seen at times as well as potato cod in the hold, white-tip sharks dozing beneath and passing eagle rays. The sponge gardens below the bow and to the starboard side present excellent nudibranch and other critter possibilities. Visibility here is usually much better than at wrecks further up the strait, though wavy conditions can limit diving here during the height of the June-September SE winds. Local hookah divers sawing scrap metal off the wreck have caused further deterioration, which is an ongoing concern.

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