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Secluded liveaboard diving can be done in the Togian Islands where locals still live from coconuts and fishing.

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The Togian Islands in the east of central Sulawesi are only recent declared a National Park (2004). It consists out of many islets and the eight main islands Una Una, Batudaka, Togian (Togean), Talatakoh, Malingi, Waleakodi, Waleabahi and Puah. Una Una is a circular island formed because of the 508 meter high steep and active volcano Gunung Colo. The other islands are covered in lush rainforest with small villages and an exceptional variety of fauna.

Since the archipelago is located in the for wind and currents protected bay of Tomini, most liveaboard dives are sheltered and easy but steep coral pinnacle dives. It is one of the few locations in the world where you can dive at three different types of coral reef: fringe, barrier and atoll. There are many steep coral heads dropping to depths of more than sixty meters. They are covered with healthy nicely colored sponges, sea fans and several species of turtles (hawksbill, green). Canyons, caverns and phenomenal rock formations make diving here great.

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