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Tapai Wall near Kadidiri is diving at a very nice drop-off with many excellent coral formations.

Name Dive Site:Tapai Wall
Depth: 5-30m (16-98ft)
Inserted/Added by: indonesia_liveaboards

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Tapai Wall, just 20 minutes boat ride from Kadidiri is a relaxing dive. The wall is carpeted with soft corals and large gorgonian seafans down to 30m. Then the wall slopes away to outlying boulders and hard coral bommies. On the top of the wall is a small coral garden full of anemones and different anemone fish. Black tip reef sharks are common. Large bumphead parrotfish munch away at the reef. Apart from the impressive schools of fish this is an excellent macro dive with myriads of nudibranchs and crustaceans to hunt for.

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- Black Marlin Diving, Kadidiri Island, Togean Islands Sulawesi

Black Marlin Diving

Diving Sulawesi - Black Marlin...
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 Kadidiri Island
Togean Islands Sulawesi

The Togian Islands are one of the most beautiful areas in Sulawesi The Togean Islands offer scuba divers and snorkelers alike, the unique chance to explore the colorful and still healthy coral reefs of Indonesia. Sulawesi inhabits a unique diversity of marine life. The tropical islands in the center of Tomini Bay, the calmest bay on earth, is a widely undiscovered paradise, boasting hundreds of islands with beautiful tropical white sandy beaches.

Black Marlin Diving is located on a rather small island called Kadidiri. With us you can enjoy the peacefulness of a tropical diving paradise. The waters of Sulawesi invite everyone for diving! Once you have been snorkeling in the Togian Islands you will sure fall in love, over and over again, in the beauty of the Indonesian underwater world. Best viewed in Kodak-color and life! Black Marlin Diving offers scuba diving tours around the most beautiful dive sites you can imagine! If you have been as unfortunate, to never have been diving as of yet, here is your chance to learn to dive in one of the best dive spots of the world. We offer Scuba Diving Courses from Open Water Diver to Divemaster. Black Marlin Diving teaches all diving courses in PADI and SSI. And what about the memories? Rent an underwater camera for only 10 Euros and make your own underwater pictures to show your friends and families at home. We can also teach you how to take the best underwater shots in a special underwater photography course (For which you will get a certification!). We also wreck diving on a world war II airplane which is still fairly intact! Yo need to see this, this is a great dive site!

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