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One of the most popular wall dives on the Togian Islands is Mimpi Ding-Ding at the atoll Pasir Tengah.

Name Dive Site:Mimpi Ding-Ding
Depth: 20-40m (65-131ft)
Inserted/Added by: wallacea_dive_cruise

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Mimpi Ding-Ding at the Pasir Tengah atoll offers steep wall diving. You dive straight down along an absolutely vertical wall that goes down to abyssal depth. Be careful to pay attention to your depth, because temptation is hard to resist. The deep and transparent blue of the water -the visibility is generally excellent- gives to this dive a special fantasy ambient. This the archetype of the "wall", where hang huge tubes and barrel sponges , black corals, where are cruising tunas, eagle rays, ascending and descending schools of Platax and trevallies. The wall also presents beautiful overhangs and crevasses. This a also a typical dive profile of the tropics where you slowly get up along the wall and finish your tanks at the top of the reef looking at the aquarium.

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